Marketing is a word used to describe the process of researching client buying behaviors including how they make up a certain demographic or respective buyer persona. 

This is a fancy word for identifying who your clients should be, how to reach them and determining what products/service would be most suitable for your audience.

At Orbital Media, we have clients that know their target market, don’t know what a target market is and are somewhere in between thus we will help you with your marketing goals.


When we think of marketing it is vital that we know about the 4 Ps and they are product, price, place and promotion.  Remember even though promotion is being mentioned it is not referring to advertising which will talk about in another section.  Marketing is a creative ongoing process to help you choose the advertising goals to give you the best rate of return on your investment. 

Remember it is imperative to do the necessary research before ever starting and advertising campaign.  If a company tells you to just advertise and they have not seen your marketing plan or created one, you are with the wrong company.  Also marketing is a strategy to help you choose who you will prospect, how, why, when and where.  Marketing is a plan that should keep changing as your clients and the markets needs do repsectively or your competitors will be seeing your lost business.