To market or advertise today although print is still important it is vital to have a company that is able to create, maintain and deliver high-quality digital content.  Whether that be a social media campaign, online events, websites, e-mail newsletters, short videos, and more.  Digital is a space that every business needs to play in if they are serious about growing their business.


At Orbital Media, we offer a variety of services to utilize digital content for the most engagement on:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of writing content for your website that is optimized around keywords that people in the market for your service will typically search for to find solutions such as the ones you offer.  The great benefit of SEO is that once it is done it accumulates and can gain you high search rankings without paying for each visit as in pay per click.  Remember that SEO is an ongoing process with new content to propel more people to find you in different challenging areas they have.

Pay Per Click is another technique used to get people to your website, however, it uses the concept of paying or bidding an amount for keywords people will search for that are in the market for your products and services.  Remember that PPC or Pay Per Click is something you have to pay for on every click and although it does work it only keeps running while you are paying for it. 

Social Media Marketing utilizes digital concepts to attract, engage and delight those searching for content on the solutions you solve via social media. Remember that it is vital to have content that educates, shows a problem, and that you can solve it not sell them.

Content Marketing is when concepts are created to make many aware of your service those that have an affinity or similar buyers with the same problem and those that are in the market for you services all again with educating and not selling.

Email Marketing is another great tool, however, too many people do it wrong and force people to buy something without ever educating or demonstrating value.  Our team will create an e-mail newsletter that is attractive, and educational and will engage your audience to stay engaged with you and what your business does.  Remember it is vital to have a double opt-in email list that complies with all anti-spam rules in our country.

Mobile Marketing can be done in many ways from QR Codes to SMS Texting just to name a few

Marketing Analytics is something that is often times overlooked as so many get wrapped up in vanity metrics such as likes, shares, and comments.  Although they may seem interesting, they are not a direct engagement that will lead to building a long-term business relationship.  Thus, we understand that you want an ROI, and so do we but there is a process to make sure your consistent, deliver value and converting your prospects to clients.

Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone but if you have a product or service this is a great way to get people with a large audience to share your product or service as they get compensated with a commission that makes it worth their time.  It is vital to understand how, when and why to approach these group owners and which one’s will want to work with your specific market and the products/services you offer.