What is a LinkedIn banner profile you may be asking yourself and why do I need one. First if you are on LinkedIn for business and want to attract other people to do business with or find suppliers that you can do business with it is must have. The LinkedIn banner profile is prominently displayed on the top of your profile page.


Whether you just signed up for a LinkedIn account or have had one for years it is a fact that those who have a good LinkedIn profiles get people that want to connect with them. Most people will just upload a quick selfie from a party and select a default template. First thing you need to know is that if you are on a business platform hoping to do business with other professionals would it make sense that you should be as professional as possible. Would you go to client wearing your pajamas or bathrobe, of course not, then why would you settle for a second best LinkedIn banner profiles. First have a friend or professional take a good head shot, no-sunglasses, no hats, no t-shirts. A professional picture of you showing you at your best and thus attracting people to reach out and potentially do business with you. However, it is much more than a picture our team will setup an interview to figure out what is unique about you in your life and how that should be crafted to attract people to entice them to reach out with you to learn more. Our team has created LinkedIn profiles for many professionals in the legal, medical, financial, manufacturing and several other fields, allow us the priviledge to work with you, learn about who you are and the story you have so we can craft it into a neat package that will make people want to engage with you.