Whether you need a need a new brochure to feature your company's products, services or want to update an existing one, our team can help. When we design any brochure it is important to make sure the right headings, font and text, and other graphics are placed strategically and make them want to learn more. Brochures are the perfect introduction piece to get conversations started at tradeshows, business expos, or to just sit on your front counter. Did you know that we can even make your tri-fold brochure into a mailer so it can be sent out to your interested prospects and update existing clients of new service offerings they may be interested in.


A tri-fold brochure is meant to serve as an informative piece of literature to educate your prospects and existing clients with your current products and service offerings. The fold actually creates three equal sections that are folded over the middle. The most popular tri-fold brochure will actually have the right side folded first and then the left thus when it is opened it easily reads from left to right. There are six parts two a tri-fold brochure and they are comprised of: 1) The front flap which usually has an attractive photo and message to get people to open it, 2) The inside front cover where it is a could place to put in the pain or problem you solve and why the reader needs to read further 3&4) Comprises the whole interior of the brochure as it is important to not put too much text here and use clear headings and graphics with minimal text for readers to quickly read through. 5) Section is the part is inside back top back flap and is the perfect spot for testimonials, a coupon, or even blank lines for taking notes. 6) This is the part of the brochure that is at the very back and is seen even when the brochure is full folded and usually has the Company Contact, Name, Address, Phone, and website to name a few. When we design a brochure for you and your company it will be designed to captivate your prospects/clients to want to read further, and take a specific action.