To Reach Way Up, You Have to Dig Deep Down

Whether you are working on your personal life or business, choosing to reach way up never comes until you dig deep into who you are.  According to Merriam-Webster, reach is a verb. It means “1a)  to stretch out: extend, 1b) thrust, 2a) to touch or grasp by extending a part of the body (such as a hand) or an object, 2b) to pick up and draw toward one:  take, 2c 1)  to extend to, 2c 2) to get up to or as far as come to, 2d 1)  encompass, 2d 2)  to make an impression on, 2d 3)  to communicate with,  3)  to hand overpass.”  In This article, I will explain what this means and how to apply it to yourself to become a better version of yourself.

Before reaching for something high, we must know where it is and have enough height and arm length to access it.  Thus, if we understood the exact location and found that we were too short or our arms were not long enough to get it, provisions would have to be made.  Perhaps we could get a step stool or ladder at the right height to see it.  Now, if our arms were still not long enough to reach out, a device or grabbing stick would be needed to extend our arm's length.  This was simple, but it is slightly more complex in our lives because more factors affect our ability to reach way up.

Regarding ourselves, the first thing we have to do is understand that our minds, hearts, and promises are in alignment.  You might be asking me why I say commitments and not goals.  How often have you set a goal, not made it, and then said, "Oh, I’ll do better next time, like it's not a big deal?  When you make a promise to yourself or others, you are either all in or you don’t make the promise.  Thus, from now on, make promises to yourself instead of goals, and you will see them become a reality.

Once our minds, hearts, and promises are in harmony, we have to take TMA or (take massive action) consistently toward our promises daily.    Now, we need to figure out the areas that will need to take specific action.

One of the first places we have to start with to learn how to dig deep is to understand what it means to be humble.  A humble person is not arrogant or wearing an entitled attitude but, instead, one who raises others for what they do.  A few ways you might choose to do this could include asking for advice, celebrating other's victories, forgiving others, seeking forgiveness, practicing the art of listening, receiving praise and constructive criticism with the same state of grace, expressing generosity, and lastly show a sincere expression of wonder if you feel it.

Remember always to be grateful from your heart for all you have and everything on the way to you, such as excellent health, friendships, financial wealth, your home, your car, clients, food, etc.  When we genuinely feel gratitude, more things in our lives will show up we may be grateful for.  Many I talk to say they are grateful and then say it is not working because they don’t feel the gratitude in their heart.

I recommend taking your iPhone, Android, and Google Calendar and scheduling your massive action activities with an alert to remind you when to take action.  When it gets scheduled, the action we commit to eventually becomes a habit we are compelled to do naturally.

The people who reach high do so because they are not afraid to dream big and do what no one else does.  They don’t stop on the path to their dreams just because someone says it's impossible or a bad idea for them.  This reminds me of a story about how my creative thinking got me one of the largest accounts ever in my company’s history.  I had been talking with the CEO over a few phone calls and then made an appointment to visit him to make the presentation.  After the meeting, I thanked him for his time and asked if there were any other vendors he was meeting with.  He told me four more that the company would decide next week and that the information presented was thorough and would be seriously considered.

Thus, I felt great after the meeting but was concerned that four more vendors were coming in and that I could not stay on top of his mind.  After returning to New Jersey from New York, I stopped at one of the local home improvement centers.  While at the store, I picked up a bucket and lid and headed home to drill about twenty small holes in the top.  Next, I filled the pail with water and stopped at my local fishery to purchase two live lobsters. I put the two live lobsters in the bucket with the lid with the holes I drilled, brought it to FedEx, and then shipped it to the CEO I just met.

The next day came, and just before 10:30 AM, I got a call from the CEO, asking me what I sent him as this shipment had caused a major red flag with the company’s security.  I asked him if he got it, and he said no, it's still at the loading dock as they won’t bring it up.  Well, go to the loading dock and see what I sent you.  John, I am swamped this morning and don’t have time for this.  Okay, OK, then check it out later or tomorrow.  He said I can’t; they will keep calling me till I go down there.  I guess you probably should go down and see what I sent you.  He goes down to the loading dock and calls me back, asking again what you sent me.  You have not opened it yet?  No, what is it?  It's alive; ask your dock guys to open it for you.  They opened it and said some words I won’t repeat: two live lobsters.  Why?  Read the card.  Dear Mr. X, Thank you for meeting yesterday to discuss your company’s PC automation needs. When I get done crawling my way up to the top, may I ask for your business?  John, you have the account; don’t ever blank that again.  My entire company, including security, saw this as a threat and was about to call the local NY Police Department.

Thus, when you do what no one else is doing, you will get noticed and stay on top of your mind for a long time.  When did you last do something that kept your name out there?  If the answer is never, then it's time you start because if you don’t, someone else will someday. The key is not to copy what others do but to learn from it and make your name and brand stay top of mind.

When trying to reach high during the process, we must dig deep to learn who we are and that we must live our lives, not someone else.  This can range from anything your parents may want you to be in a specific profession to who you marry and your activities.  Again, act responsibly and remember you have free choice to live a life of bliss so long as you don’t harm another person physically or mentally.

Spend time with the people you care about and recharge your energy, not deplete it.  Take the time to chew each piece of food you eat and sip slowly every beverage you consume.  When we choose to enjoy our food, we appreciate its taste more, and it improves our health.  First, when we eat slowly, our body is not choking or gasping for air.  Second, if we eat our meals slowly, the brain's stomach can notify the brain that I’m full.  If we eat too fast, the body doesn’t get a chance to register its complete, and thus, we feel bloated and don’t know why.

Lastly, remember it is okay to say no sometimes, especially when people see you as good-natured and expect you always to say yes.  Many do it unintentionally, while others have a mission to manipulate you to get the most out of you, with them giving the most diminutive back.  This is unfair behavior and a great way to damage relationships.

Now that you understand we don’t get up to the top by magic or via osmosis, it takes dedication, promises, scheduling, massive actions, and celebrations of the minor and significant victories we accomplish.


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