How & Why Taking Somone’s Temperature Leads to Success



Temperature, according to Merriam-Webster, is a noun that means: “1)  a:  degree of hotness or coldness measured on a definite scale b:  the degree of heat that is natural to the body of a living being c:  abnormally high body heat  2)  a:  relative state of emotional warmth b:  mood c:  3)  archaic a:  complexation b:  temperament”.  In our lives, we use temperature to measure our health, keep food safe, and even gauge friends, relationships, and prospects’ current state of mind.  Throughout this article, I will share why temperature is essential in many areas, including our health, friendships, relationships, clients, and new prospects.


How did Doctors tell if someone had a fever years ago?


Doctors originally placed their hands on a person’s forehead to determine if they had a fever or not and that inflamed parts of the body were hot to their touch.  Around 1612, in what is now known as Italy, a man named Santori sealed liquid inside a glass tube and observed how it rose and fell in response to temperature, and a scale on the tube made this. Easier to see but was not precise.  Santori was known as the inventor of the first air thermometer.  Around the mid-1800s, a German physician named Carl Wunderlich started to measure armpit temperature from about 25000 people and concluded the average was 98.6 degrees f          Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celius.  Did you know that taking an underarm temperature is the safest way to check a child three months or younger?  This exact procedure is commonly used to take temperatures of infants up to 5 years old since it is the least invasive.  If a human's temperature drops low or rises too high, the person may be sick or have an infection.


Did you know that Temperature is vital to ensure foods are safe?


Whether you have worked in a restaurant or not, understanding the danger zone of food temperature helps prevent foodborne illnesses.  Did you know that bacteria proliferate when the temperature is between 41°F and 135°F? Furthermore, it will double in as little as 20 minutes, thus known as the “Danger Zone. Or TDZ (Temperature Danger Zone)”.  Meat and poultry should never be left out of refrigeration for more than two hours.  Understanding correct, safe temperatures to keep foods out of danger zone is vital to keeping everyone healthy.



Did you know that open communication is the key to building and maintaining any relationship?


Communication and mutual understanding are vital to building and keeping long-term friends and relationships, whether spiritual or non-platonic.  Some signs to be alert are defensiveness, silent treatment, aggression, lack of compromise, and constant criticism.  Those involved in non-platonic relationships may experience all of the above and potentially lack intimacy.  Thus, we can ensure our relationships stay balanced by taking the other’s temperature to measure how the relationship is going.



Did you know we can also take a Person’s Temperature to gauge their location?


Taking a temperature in a friendship or relationship doesn’t utilize a thermometer, but it does require you to be genuine and respectful.  Regular relationship temperature checking will allow you to address any issues before they cause a blow-up.  Being proactive in a relationship by doing the maintenance necessary will ensure you stay together.  Now that we know how important it is to take a relationship temperature, you probably are wondering how to do one.  Show appreciation for anything your friend or partner does and create a mutually agreed upon time and day to share new information with the other party.  Some things you may want to say are, “I want to tell you something,” “I heard that today,” and “I want to remind us both of that.”  When there is something that you are starting to worry about, some phrases like “I am concerned about,” “I don’t understand,” “I’m not sure why,” “I care about,” or “It’s hard for me when you,” “I feel ____, when you,” “I would rather.”  Show respect for each other not because you have to but because you want to, and it will show.


Did you know it's crucial to take the temperature of your clients and perspectives often?


New or existing prospective clients may seem to challenge you sometimes because you don’t know how to go.  Thus, it is vital to take your prospects and clients' temperature often to avoid misunderstandings or surprises.  You may do this using one of the phrases:  “How does this sound so far?” “Does this make sense to you?” “Is this what you are looking for?” “What do you think?” “How close do you feel this comes to meeting your needs?” “How far apart are we?”.  Most importantly, after you ask any of these questions, do not interrupt and allow them to speak and listen to every word they say. 


How do you take people’s temperatures in a conversation?


Taking temperatures in a conversation doesn’t use a thermometer or numeric gauge but communication.  One way to test the waters is to ask, "In your opinion, then say what you want to know about.:  If we ask an open-ended question, we can see how the other person feels about a particular topic or situation.  Even if you know the person well, always ask questions to take their temperature often, listen, and respond appropriately.  Thus, if you want to go out for pizza and your friend doesn’t want to, know that before actually going for pizza.  Take the time to be genuinely interested in the other person, not because you want to, not because you have to. 


What does it mean to be cold, warm, or hot?


When we say a person is cold, we are not on the same page or, in other words, totally in disagreement with each other.  Sensing that someone is warm tells us they have some interest and could go ice cold or hot depending on what we say and do next.  When someone is hot, it is evident that we align with them and the perfect time to give them a choice between A or B.  For example, you have just provided a sales presentation, and the feedback you are receiving confirms they are hot for what you are sharing.  I’m glad you feel this will be of value, and would you prefer the installation on Thursday or Friday this week?  Either answer indicates they want to proceed with your proposal or offer.  We would never give someone a choice if they were cold, as it would demonstrate we are not listening and out for only one thing: the sale.


Now you understand why Temperature is Key to our Success.


By now, you can quickly see that temperature plays a key in helping us keep our body healthy and avoiding the food danger zone where bacteria proliferate.  From these two applications, we can discern that temperature allows us to set benchmarks for our health and safety.  Furthermore, to be an effective communicator it is vital to take the other person’s temperature in conversation.


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