How Connecting with Animals Supercharges Your Success

Choose to connect and explore the impact

In a world where many are often too perpetuated by perfectionism, comparison, blaming, self-doubt, fear, procrastination, safety, and distractions from others and technology, we miss the priceless impact connecting with animals will have.  When we get wrapped up in the world around us, the magic of life's bliss inevitably slips through our hands.  Throughout this article, I will share how and why connecting with animals has the power to supercharge our success.

How do I start to connect with my pet?

Whether you are a pet owner or not, understanding how this transformation can take place will empower us with the knowledge to bond with a pet and relationships with people each day.  Just like a beautiful painting, the first thing we want to do is appreciate the allure of our pet.  When we appreciate and be grateful for something, someone, or an animal, it allows us to start the natural connecting process.  Start looking into their eyes and giving them a genuine smile; it will be positively contagious and your pet will reciprocate if they are not already doing it.

Did you know that pets ease loneliness?

Pets have a unique way of providing companionship as they naturally express their affection, loyalty, and the bonds of friendship they form with us.  Dogs and cats have been known to help people experiencing stress, anxiety, loneliness, and emotional and physical discomfort.  Did you know rabbits are great for engaging sociability in others, increasing life expectance, cultivating a calming environment, and helping patients experiencing mental challenges?  Birds are great at being personal companions, as many people will often talk to their birds.  Hamsters are also another great choice for companionship and are excellent at relieving stress.

Did you know that Pets get you Moving?

Pets like dogs are great because they will compel us to get moving with them to play fetch, bike, do yoga with you and your pet on an indoor obstacle course, and of course take them out to do their business.  Riding a horse is a great animal because it's a good exercise even though they can't cuddle up with you like your dog or cat.

Pets have numerous other health benefits.

According to many doctors and the CDC, pets will decrease our blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, lower triglyceride levels, and even symptoms that arise from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Interacting with your pet several times daily will also deliver many psychological benefits for your well-being.  Pets have a way of putting us into a natural, blissed, relaxful state.  These magical creatures are powerful and can significantly benefit our lives because they have been shown to decrease our cortisol levels.  Cortisol is a stress-related hormone, and petting your animal will release the feel-good hormone oxytocin.  Did you know that Oxytocin is the same hormone that bonds mothers to their newborn babies? 

Pets also show us how to respect our elders.

Several years ago, a friend shared a story where there were two dogs, one being younger and the other older.  Unfortunately, neither of these dogs was ever good friends; however, something changed when the other dog got older.  That same younger dog protected the older dog from younger, playful dogs and now often slept beside the older dog.  Thus, the dogs learned early to respect their elders as we should do the same in life.  How often have you been at a store and held the door for an elder because you knew it was the right thing to do?

Difference of Empathy and Compassion

Empathy is the ability to be aware of other people's emotions and attempt to understand how they currently feel.  Compassion, on the other hand, is when we are aware of the other's emotions but also elicit emotions and show the person we want to help them.  Pets have a natural acuity for having empathy and showing compassion when we need it.  When we are empathetic, we will listen, pay attention to body language, try to understand them, ask questions to learn more about them and their situation, and then imagine ourselves as if we were walking in their shoes.  Someone who wants to show compassion will exhibit empathy but also offer to help someone, be happy for another's success, and forgive people for their mistakes.

Pets will give us a sense of Purpose.

When you choose to bring a pet into your life, it is essential to understand that this will be a big commitment and ensure you will be a great owner.  Your pet will deliver you many benefits, including but not limited to unconditional love, but they will need food, shelter, medical care, and play from you to make a loving home for them to grow and flourish.


Ensure Pet and You are good Neighbors.

Purchase a comfortable and well-sized leach that should always be used unless the pet is behind a secure fence.  When your neighbors see you are using a leash, it shows them that you respect them and the neighborhood.  When taking your pet out, remember to carry bags and shovel so you can scoop the poop.  Respect your neighbor and don't let he/her do their business or walk through anyone's flower garden.  Stay on the sidewalks and unplanted grassy areas where available.  When people in your town ask to greet or pet your dog, always ask permission first.  Only allow your neighbors to pet your animal if he/she enjoys meeting new people.  Never leave your pet unattended, as nearly two million dogs napped yearly.

Not everyone will like Pets

Regardless of how great and respectable of a neighbor you and your pet strive to be, there will always be someone who doesn't like pets.  When you have people like this, no amount of courteousness will solve this; be respectful and don't engage with them.

Pets can sense our feelings

Did you know that pets can sense our feelings?  Yes, they are astute to our body language and posture and can smell our feelings.  Pets can smell changes in our breath and sweat with astounding levels of accuracy.  They have a gift: identifying chemical odors people emit when feeling stressed.  Not only will dogs be able to sniff out stress, but they can also detect if someone is ill, and when they sense this, they will become passive and protective of the person.


How Dolphins Communicate

Did you know dolphins use sophisticated sound communication language to avoid violence and confrontation?  Dolphins, like bats, use a biological sonar called echolocation to help them detect objects in their environment.  They do this by emitting low or high-pitched sound frequencies which bounce off objects and return to them.  Did you know that a Dolphin's echolocation is so accurate that it detects the object's size and its traveling direction, density, and position above or below water?  They also communicate by whistling sounds, a series of clicking and whistles, each with their vocal pitch.  Furthermore, they are great at using body language, such as tail and flipper slapping on the water.  Depending on whether it is a slow slapping for play, hunger, or fast to indicate imminent danger is present.

Animals Make Us Feel Great And Teach Us

Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, horse, or any other animal friend you have grown to love, they can motivate and teach us how to become better versions of ourselves.  Plus, they have many other health benefits and make us feel good.  Remember, they sense who we are before we do ourselves.

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