Understanding ARPC or Acceptance Rejection Projection Connection

Understanding ARPC (Acceptance Rejection Projection Connection) is vital to success.  According to healthline.com, our brain experiences about 6000 thoughts daily, and we have about 6.5 thought changes per minute.  Earl Nightengale said, and I quote, “We become what we think about,”; thus, urging us to take our thoughts seriously as they have more power over us than many would imagine.  Throughout this article, I will discuss ARPC, some examples of the different stages, and why understanding this concept will help us achieve our goals.

The letters each stand for a specific stage of the process, and the first part is that we either accept or reject something consciously or subconsciously.  They are both verbs in English; however, each has two different meanings and often needs clarification: admit and accept.  Admit means allowing, permitting, or giving access to such as he admitted me to the honors program at my school.  Did you know that when someone says something we disagree with and remain silent, we accept that belief in our subconscious?   Thus, if you don’t agree with someone, it is imperative to either a) say something or b) say something in your mind, which are positive statements to enforce your belief.  You may still share with someone that it is not something you are interested in or agree to by politely saying this is not something I want to do or am interested in.

According to Merriam-Webster, thoughts are a noun. I quote, “such as a 1)  a)  individual act or product of thinking, b)  a developed intention or plan, c)  something (such as opinion or belief) in the mind, d)  the intellectual product or the organized views and principles of a period, place, group, or individual, 2)  the action or process of thinking:  cogitation, regard or recollection. 

Did you know that our thoughts carry energy?  Did you know that thinking burns calories?   However, since the brain burns about an average of 320 calories to think and if you challenged your brain at most, you would deplete another 100 calories, not enough to lose weight. 

According to Einstein (E=MC2 ) thus, all energy and thoughts are interchangeable since opinions carry energy signals; this transmission is said to have mass.  Thoughts are similar to light and sound in that they also have their unique frequency, vibrating.  According to American Psychologist Williams James and I quote “Your thoughts alter your reality.”  In other words, our life is a reflection of the thoughts we have in our minds. 

Acceptance or to accept is when we receive something with our whole heart and mind.  You may have been admitted to a group, class, or program; however, when we become part of the entity, we have chosen to accept the offer.  One may be invited or admitted to an invent, but it is taken when we have accepted when we acknowledge or RSVP that we plan to attend.  A software company has sent you an invitation to try their new software and thus given you permission or provided an offer that will give you access for a specific number of days.  When we click the link in the email after reading their terms and services, it is said that we have accepted the offer.  Another example is that after interviewing for a job, the company may have chosen to give you access to their facility and resources after you receive the employment offer.  Acceptance is making us release dopamine in our brain that gets us to feel good about ourselves and allows us to radiate positive energy.

Acceptance is always good, so long as it doesn’t put us in a precarious or unwanted situation.  Rejection is the other side of the coin, and it can be seen as positive when it is done to protect our well-being or others.  Sometimes in life, we get rejected, which may be good as it helps us learn a lesson and become a better version of ourselves.  Perhaps you may recall being in grammar school when you wanted to ride the swings, but the other kids wouldn’t accept you into their group and might have said this is my swing, and you can’t play here.  It was often a public playground, and so long as they were there, they didn’t want you there.  Rejection also happens when we meet someone that doesn’t accept us for who we are.  Rejection has a way of making us feel low, drained, and depressed and radiate negative energy.  As I have said before, no one has the right to make you feel inferior about yourself, except for one person, you.

Perhaps you remember being in gym class, and the instructor picked several team captains, and then you waited to be last or second to last as no one wanted you on your team.  It might have been that they didn’t like you, thought you were not athletic enough, or maybe because of the friends you hung out with.  How did it feel when everyone else was getting picked, and you didn’t get picked until you were the only choice left?  Probably not too good, and within a short period, you let it go as if it was nothing but small stuff, but it didn’t consume your energy during gym class.  Being rejected is something no one wants, but it does happen in life for many reasons, and you need to keep pushing on despite your non-supporters or friends.

Now that we understand acceptance and rejection, I want you to realize that you will consciously or subconsciously do this many times throughout your day. Focus on your thoughts as they shape your life, who you become, and what you achieve.  If you feel bad about yourself, chances are you are making decisions to reject, and thus others, because it is a boomerang effect, will leave you.

According to Wikipedia, and I quote, “a boomerang is made out of plywood which is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight.”  There are two types of boomerangs:  one which is designed to return to its thrower and the other that will not cause a return back and is built to be a weapon.  Thus, the boomerang effect is when we do or say something that will be returned to us, often called karma.  What you put out into the world will come back regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Our following letter is p, and that stands for projection; similar to the boomerang, it gets pushed or, in our case, transmitted via energy to other people.  I will learn that the return part comes later in the article.  For now, understand that whether you accept or reject something will automatically be projected outward from you.  Think of a movie theatre:  if they load a video file into their system and press play, it is projected out to everyone watching it.

Immediately after we project our energies, our thoughts connect to one or more people around us.  For example, if you actively or subconsciously reject someone, that thought is projected outward and then onto them immediately.  Again, our world operates like a mirror; what we see and don’t see is reflected in us.  Practice standing before a mirror and saying great things to yourself and what you want to manifest.  As a money magnet, I am healthy and attract the right people into my life daily.

The concept of ARPC is something everyone should take the time to understand because it will still work regardless.  You may or may not know how power travels through wires to light your home and provide power, yet it still works anyway.  Thus ARPC could be said to be a law that operates autonomously in the universe daily.con

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