How belief changed someone’s life

Word belief is a significant key to whether we will succeed; however, many don’t see it or even understand why.  According to Merriam-Webster, the word belief means, and I quote, “a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.”  It also means “something accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion, something believed. “It also means “conviction of the truth of statement or reality of some being or phenomenon, especially when based on examination of evidence.”  However, why do so many people not put stock in what this is or how to use it?  Through this article, I will explain how and why belief is a significant factor in unlocking the value of goals our mind holds within our subconscious.

My motto is to believe and achieve, which is why I came up with, which links to all of my content, where most of it is free.  Did you know that 97.5% roughly of your subconscious runs your body in what it does daily?  Belief is a word that refers to what we expect to happen, but we can’t see it yet with our own eyes.  There are many stories I can share with you to understand belief, and I have chosen one that I believe will touch your heart and leave a lesson you will remember.

About a year ago, a lady in Europe was watching my Live Stream IFYL (Inspirations for Your Life,); a motivational show to inspire and educate people with stories and techniques to get more power back in people’s lives and also how to be a deliberate creator.  Around halfway through the show, a lady messaged me and said, “John, that is great what you are sharing, but it will never work for me. You don’t understand my life”.  As soon as I received this message, I said, “(Mary, which I’m changing the name here), it can and will work if you believe.”

The person went on to tell me how bad their life is:  not being able to pay her rent, about to lose her car as she could not make the payments, and just served with several documents for litigation claims against her for money she owed.  I just listened and then said would you like help with your life she said “I think so,” and “I replied, “you think so, or you know so, as I don’t help people that think they want my help.”  With only a few minutes left in the show, I told her I would be willing to help her at no charge if she promised to do exactly what I told her every day.

Just before my show ended, she sent me her contact information, and I told her I would reach out tomorrow to help.  That next day, I called her, she answered; and I asked her how it was going, and she told me, “terrible, as I just got another letter that I am being taken to court and my kid was moving out of state, and thus I wouldn’t be seeing two of my four grandchildren often.  I let her get all this emotion out of her, and then I started to help her.

The first thing I told her was that what we think about, we become, change our words, change your mind, change your mind, and you will change your life, which all of us want now.  Energy goes where your thoughts flow, and the most vital thing you need to do daily is guard your mind and watch your self-talk each day.  Thus, I told her that anytime you feel you’re about to say something negative, change that thought and make it positive. Therefore, erase words like can’t, not possible from your vocabulary as these will just bring you down further.  I explained to her that our mind works by giving us more of what we focus on, whether we want it or not.  At first, she didn’t believe me and wanted to give up because it seemed challenging and uncomfortable.  Each day I worked with her, doing hypnosis, affirmations, and other exercises to change her belief of whom she thought she was.

When we started, I asked her to give me 7-15 days of doing this before expecting any results; she said OK; however, two days after we started, she said this was not working.  I called her back and asked what was not working. Everything, I can’t, can’t, can’t, this is impossible, and I will never have a great life.  Mary, you can do this, it’s a journey, and they all start with one step; remember that is all you are doing; taking one additional step each day.  Then I did some more exercises with her, and I didn’t hear anything from her about any issues. Then the 6th day came. 

On the 6th day since we started, I got a message to call her immediately as it was an emergency.  I called her back and asked Mary what’s the matter. She said you would never believe this, yesterday, I quit my one job and then got fired from the other two, and I replied that’s terrible.  She then said no. I then got hired at one place, working a 9-5 and making four times what I made with all three jobs combined.  I replied that is excellent news. She said that’s not all of it.  Remember how I told you my landlord raised my rent, and I could barely pay it?  Yes, I remember well, yesterday I got a letter in the mail from him certified, and it said that my rent had been cut and that I would only owe 1/3 of it for as long as I wanted to stay here.  There is still more John, my son that moved out of state, called me today and said they found a home around the corner from me and will be moving back into my neighborhood next week.  Thus, I now will see all my grandchildren often; I couldn’t ask for more.

John, thank you for your time and help; you changed my belief and, most importantly, allowed me to change my life.  I went from being broke to making more money than I ever dreamed of; my family all back local to me, and my rent was lowered. I am so grateful.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you, those court appearances were all dropped, and we worked out payment arrangements that would all be paid off before the end of the year.  If anyone doubts how changing your mind and belief will improve your life, look at how bad I was and where I am now. Thank you, John, for all your help and time; I don’t have words for all you did for my family and I.  May God Bless you, your family, friends, and employees for all you did for me and all the great messages you share daily.


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